Writing Accountability Group

Writing Accountability Group

Weekly Writing Goals

Do you lack consistency in your writing projects?
Find it difficult to find the time for your writing?


  • Do you keep saying you are going to write a book, but months or even years later it is not finished?
  • Do you keep procrasinating when it comes to your own writing projects?
  • Struggle to hold yourself accountable?
  • Wish you had writing friends to bounce writing ideas and notice when you stick to your weekly writing goals?


Our writing accountablity group is for you!! We  invite you to join us every week in our boardroom or online Zoom Meetings as we commit to finishing our latest writing projects. 

Hosted in our Niagara Falls boardroom, we invite people from all over the world to join us weekly on the big screen through Zoom meetings!

You can work on any writing project. We have people working on newsletters, books, articles, social media content and more.

How It Works: You commit to showing up and writing weekly. You share your goals with your peers and spend 2 hours of the meeting writing. At the end we share how we did. This safe supporting atmosphere, is a great place to give yourslf permission to just WriteON! and get it done!



1) Every Sunday: Wether you are working on blogs, articles, books, business writing, website content…etc… join us 10am EST – 12:30pm EST

2) Some Wednesdays: Often we will hold additional bonus writing sessions for those who would like more time each week.

3) Marketing Thursdays: Our sister company OTB Marketing + Design offers a marketing openhouse every Thursday hosted by Marketing Strategist, Angela Brooks. All writers are welcome to join 7pm EST – 9pm EST with their all access pass, to learn how to market their books. Topics could include: Audience targeting, genre research, readership building, newsletter swaps, joint author ventures, social media planning, book signing events…and more.

Note: Receive a free weekly pass when you book a free discovery call with one of our book coaches.



Each Meeting $19.99

All access monthly pass – $49.99/month subscription

FREE TO ALL OUR BOOK COACHING CLIENTS: This weekly group is a perfect match for our clients working on publishing their books.


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