A Love Story. A Raid. An Arrest. Heartache. A Small Town Scandal. And a Journey of Self-Discovery


About The Book

Everyone has a story. And, I am now ready to share mine. Maybe it will be more of a confession. As they say, confessions are good for the soul. If you want to know, it’s a few stories rolled into one…

A love story. A raid. An arrest. A small town scandal. Heartache. And a journey of self-discovery —finding faith along the way.


My lawyer, George Walker, shouted, “Romeo and Juliet couldn’t live without each other. So they ended up together. I suppose that’s romantic. Then they ended up dead —together. That’s not so romantic”. He screamed, “Wake up”, as he flailed his arms in the air. “Do you know how many times I’ve heard this story? He’s going to turn on you and throw you under the bus to get off his charges! The charges are serious. This was no Mickey Mouse operation. He’s accused of being one of the kingpins for a Mexican cartel!” But I pleaded with him… “I am telling the truth. He’s telling the truth.” George rolled his eyes. My father was sitting beside me, begging me to listen. As I sat there being lectured, it was as though my life went from a story book fairytale to a complete nightmare. I thought about how people search a lifetime for this kind of love. My love was real and I believed his was too.

Put yourself in my shoes. What would you do? You decide —after you read the story. The whole story.

Is he a con artist or is he telling the truth? The question is, who is he really?

What’s inside


Once Upon a Time

little girl dreams


In The Stars

fate or destiny?


Kool-Aid kid



On Top of the World

making it 


Tick Tock

more surprises


The Raid

the moment life changes



the shock


The Circus Came To Town

strange and stranger

Sneak Peek…

   A Rude Awakening

Bang! Out of a dead sleep, I fumbled to grab my cell phone on the nightstand. It was 5:22 a.m., the room was pitch black, and I looked at him with only the faint glow from the cell phone light. Bang! Bang! The entire house shook. Our dog started barking. Stunned for a moment, we looked at each other in utter confusion.

I heard violent pounding at the front door and muffled yelling. Startled, we bolted upright in bed. My eyes adjusted to the darkness. I grabbed his arm and begged him not to go to the door. A horrible feeling washed over me as we both jumped out of bed. I was naked and scrambling to find my housecoat.

He went rushing towards the entrance yelling, “Coming, hold on!” and instructed me to stay in the bedroom. Not listening to him, I immediately followed him, clenching his arm.

“Police! Police! Open the door!”

All I could make out were blurred outlines of bodies behind the glass entrance. Cold fear came over me as I thought the worst. We were being robbed.
They violently pounded on the door again in another attempt to get us to open it.

My heart was racing. As he put his hand on the handle, I heard the click of the door unlocking, and it violently flew open. A swarm of men came barging in, aggressively pinning us to the wall at gunpoint. Through all of the commotion and with guns to our heads, I heard our little dog yelp. She was right by my side, at my ankles. She was trembling, pawing at my leg. I was too terrified to move. I started panicking about her safety. He saw me glancing at her and knew I was unsure about what to do. Out of nowhere, he scooped our little chihuahua up into his arms and kissed the top of her head. He quickly handed me our girl and the look in his eyes made me think everything was going to be alright — for a moment.

I was numb from head to toe, but I could still feel her trembling in my arms. That was the day my life changed — forever.

Let me start from the beginning…



-Paul Lafferty, author of Down the Lane

This book could be a movie!

A fairytale romance gone terribly wrong; one minute dripping in romance and the next drenched in sweat. Passion, betrayal, a raid, her determination, and heartbreaking sorrow. A modern day Romeo & Juliet. Everyone has a story and this is theirs. This book makes you ask the question, do you really ever know anyone? A must read memoir of a small town girl who was swept off her feet by a man she knew nothing about. Her life was rocked by a scandal and this is her journey of self discovery and return to the surface.

Krystle Samson


Shame.... Fear... Embarrassment! She came out on top!

Meeting Chanda in high school and always thought so much of the kind, sweet girl. Supporting her in her business adventure of eating at her diner a few times, I couldn’t be more proud or inspired of what 1 woman could achieve. Hearing her story reminded me that we all have a story. The part that caught my soul and brought tears to my eyes was when her brother said, “where did my sister go?” It was a reminder that we all get lost without even realizing it sometimes. We as woman are strong and can handle almost anything but this girl here is a warrior. She survived her darkest days and I am so so happy that she is here today to tell about it. Someone was watching over her and gave her the guidance she needed. She now can live and go after her new dreams. ❤ 

Cheryl Murrell



As soon as I received my copy of Forever, I set it down with intentions of finishing a book I was already reading. My curiosity got the best of me and I opened Forever and started to read the first page to see if it caught my interest. Midnight that night, I finished reading Forever! I couldn’t put the book down! Chanda Furney has done a remarkable job in writing this story. I recommend this book to everyone! A bright talented author in the works, and I truly hope to see more writing by her in the future. Best of luck Chanda! 

Vic Finamore

About the author.

Chanda Marie Furney, is a successful entrepreneur, who owned and operated several businesses including an award-winning restaurant, in her hometown, Welland. She began writing as part of her healing journey and is now ready to share her debut.

“I started journaling, putting my feelings to paper. Writing became therapeutic and I used to as a way to start my healing process. After months of journaling it somehow turned into a book. 

The book sat on a shelf for over a year. I was filled with fear and terrified to release it. I feared being judged or even worse… failing. I also felt vulnerable about sharing my dark chapter. If it wasn’t for Angela Brooks at OTB publishing I wouldn’t have crossed the finish line. It would still be sitting on a shelf!” 

Chanda Marie Furney

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