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Free Living Pet 

FreeLivingPET Magazine celebrates those that love their pets like family and want the very best for them. Through inspiring stories to new product reviews, we’ll provide an entertaining read for you.


Each issue of FreeLivingPET will have valuable information to keep your furry friends healthy, happy and living their awesome ‘free’ life.  Many of us cherish our pets and know their lives are shorter than ours, that’s why FreeLivingPET strives to provide information and valuable knowledge that will extend that life as long as possible. FreeLivingPET aims to be your resource center for what’s in and what’s healthiest for your beloved pets.

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Whats Inside

Free Living Pet 

Healthy PET Food & Treats

Sharing great recipes and resources for the best ways to keep your pet healthy with good nutrition and tasty treats.

VIP - (Very Important PET)

Showcasing pet trends and interesting articles about how pets are making the news!

Training and Behavior

Training and teaching your pet how to behave doesn’t have to be difficult. Learn ways to build a bond between you and your dog or cat through proven training techniques.

Inspiring Stories

Each issue will feature an inspiring story about courage, love, and a special  journey of pets and their people.


We’ll be sharing the latest tips and tricks for keeping your fur babies smelling and looking healthy, fresh and clean.

Ranger’s Reviews

Follow our very own Ranger Rover as he reviews the latest and best pet products and gives them a try with his 5-paw rating scale.

Editor & Founder

Laura S. Harvey

My first pet was a border collie/husky mix named Shadow. My family got him as a puppy and he was extremely intelligent and playful. My sister and I would bath him outside in the summers, enjoy setting up a broom and two paint buckets for him to jump, and throwing the frisbee for hours as he leaped in the air with a perfect catch every time. Back then I didn’t know there were ways we could have made Shadow healthier and happier. He may not have lived the fullest and freest life he could. Today, with my own dog, Ranger, and many previous pets before him, I’m more experienced and educated about helping our fur babies live longer. My passion is to share what I’ve learned and help others with their pets.

When Ranger started experiencing health issues, early on in his life, I started a quest to find out how I could treat him naturally. When he had boredom episodes that resulted in the chewing of furniture, I sought the best training I could afford. And when my boy reached a senior dog, I began to come to terms that he may not be around for too many more years. For this is reason I wanted to start a magazine, that would reach pet parents, and help them through these stages of their fur baby’s life. My hope is that you gain perspective, understanding, and confidence that you are doing the very best to help your dog or cat become a Free Living Pet.

Pawsitive wishes,

~ Laura