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Latest Issue: March 1, 2022
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UpcycledHOME Magazine is an Upcycling Furniture and Home Decor Lifestyle Magazine. Free to subscribe, this online magazine will provide upcycling, decorating, and lifestyle inspiration delivered straight to your inbox.

UpcycledHOME Magazine showcases the many ways to recycle and refurbish furniture and home decor using the language of upcycling. Features include colour inspiration, tips and tricks for tools and techniques, focus features on both new and skilled artists, and upcycling destinations you can check out yourself; this magazine will be an entertaining and practical resource. Whether you are a seasoned furniture upcycler, new to the concept of upcycling, or you’re just curious and want a DIY project, UpcycledHOME Magazine will not disappoint! At no cost or commitment, subscribe today and read on to discover more about how you too can take something old and discarded and transform it into a unique product for the home while contributing to a greener world.

What’s Inside


Colour Trends

A complete section dedicated to colour for your piece. This section combines an array of ideas in colours and design. By choosing the right colour, you could create the style and mood you desire for your piece.

Tools and Techniques

Exploring tools and techniques to give your piece personality

Style and Trends

Information on the Latest Styles & Trends in Furniture Painting. Furniture plays as essential a role in our homes as any other room element. This section is dedicated to helping you keep up-to-date with information on the latest styles and trends in furniture painting, along with tips on staging your pieces for resale.

DIY Decor Inspiration

DIY Decor inspired projects with Step-by-step Tutorials for you to try.

Found to Finished

Creative Trash to Treasure ideas for using old junk in an entirely new way.

Upcycled Destination

Places Worth Writing About that you can visit yourself

All About Pallets

Creative Inspirations for Pallets.

In The Business

Exploring the Upcycling Business Industry with practical business tips, advice, and articles.

Tips and Tricks

 Answers to Your Common Questions

In The Spotlight

 Features on readers like you

Restored, Refurbished, Repurposed

What is the difference between restored, refurbished, and repurposed pieces? They are used interchangeably in many ways, but there is a critical difference based on how they are processed. This section distinguishes between the three and shares examples from our readers.

This is the first issue – UpcycledHOME – Issue 1 – Spring 2021 –
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UpcycledHOME Magazine is a magazine like no other, where the readers – like you – are the feature! In every issue, Upcyclers make the upcycling community come alive as they share their stories and photos of everything from commissioned pieces and personal projects to product reviews and individual stories.

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The Creator

Angel White

As a child, I often found joy in discovering discarded pieces of wood and lost nails on the property of a furniture factory across the street from my house. The sound of the hammer, the smell of the lumber, and the delight on the faces of the neighbourhood kids that received my crafted toys gave me a sense of purpose and meaning. Little did I know at the time that it would begin a lifelong love of refurbishing and upcycling furniture and home decor that would eventually lead up to the birth of this magazine.

No matter how hard I try, I can’t find the right words to describe how ecstatic I am to see this magazine become a reality. It has been a pleasure for me to work with some talented people during the conception and labour of our very first issue. Many thank yous and gratitude go to my fantastic team of writers, editors, designers, and publisher, as well as my family, for believing in my vision and helping make this magazine possible.

We are truly grateful for all the support we have received from various circles. Your support encourages us to continue to serve as a voice for those in the upcycling community.

Upcycling is a fun and creative outlet and a great way to make an impact on our environment. My message is to do what you love and follow your dream because you never know what amazing things could happen. Never give up. Do not let anyone stop you. Reach for the stars!

We look forward to the success of UpcycledHOME Magazine as it grows and reaches more readers! Having you here to share in this adventure blesses us and motivates us to be the best we can be! 

Here’s to embracing life one upcycled piece at a time!