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Creating an online hub for your writing has many benefits. Even while you are in the process of writing your book, we will often recommend beginning with a related site to start building credibility and interest, so when your book is ready, you have an audience interested in buying your book. When you create a “topic” enriched environment, you encourage those who are looking for answers or share an interest in the subject or genre of writing to come read.

?Creating a blog site for your writing is a great way to build an audience.
?It gives you a voice and place to compile your written work, often creating a focus for you to begin a consistent writing habit and honing your writing skills.
?A blog is also a great place to hold original content you can point traffic to in your social media campaigns.
?Monetizing and sharing resources in your industry becomes a great opportunity when you grow an audience through a blog.

Strategic Planning

Your publishing coach will help you explore the vision of your blog. They will provide guidance and a step-by-step action plan to have you up and running quickly. Not sure how to blog? Not sure what to write? They will teach you how to never run out of a topic and always be creating original content.

Set Up + Design

This includes setting up hosting, domain name, and theme customization. Our design team can have you up and running quickly with your own writing blog.

This step will also include how to post and add your writing to the site, with SEO tips to keep your writing visible to search engines.

Accountability + Marketing Execution

Your coach will help you create a Content + Audience building marketing strategy. It will include how to use your original content to create social media campaigns for engagement, tips and tricks, promotional and trust and audience building, + more.

Are You Ready?

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Not sure where to start? That is okay! We are here to guide you through the process of setting up a place for your writing and we can discuss and explore the options together. Just click “get started” and book a call with a coach.