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Marketing + Design

Do you wish you could just focus on your work, and leave the marketing to others?

Although we are a publishing company, we have a marketing agency built inside. We know how important marketing is to all the businesses and writers working to sell their services, through our magazines and book publishing. 

We offer marketing services to any business that would like a more strategic approach to their marketing. We create a plan in collaboration with a 20+ year experienced business coach, and our design and social media team can execute the day-to-day actions. 

From planning, coaching, and accountability partners, to team designers, writers, and social media managers – We have you covered! We can guide you or do it for you. You choose.

Not sure where to start? Sign up for a coaching call and our marketing coach can share options. No pressure on sales, just a collaborative discussion, so when you are ready to push forward on your marketing and sales for your business, you know what is possible.

Social Media Packages

We offer a variety of social media solutions for our clients. For as little as $450 a month, we can give you a Top of Mind Social Package, or $1500 for an Expert Status Build Package. We will customize a package, based on your brand, your social platforms, and goals. 


Website Design

In collaboration with a marketing coach and our web team, we create websites that are not only professional and aesthetically pleasing, but they are also strategic and result-driven.

Every web package comes with marketing coaching. 


Logos, Brochures, Promotional Support Tools

In collaboration with marketing and brand coaches, our design team creates brand packages, logos, and miscellaneous promotional items as needed.

If you are a marketing coach, small business, or author, we can offer design solutions to support your brand and marketing goals. 


Are You Ready?

Book Your Marketing Discovery Call

Get started today, with a conversation. Tell us your thoughts, where are you stuck? Even if its just an idea in your head, a desire deep in your heart, we would love to explore how you can take it to the next step.