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Are you ready to make your book a reality?
If your goal is to write, publish and sell your book, we can help!
Not sure what to write? Just know there is a book waiting to be published?
Have book ideas but not sure where to start?
Want to create a book to help market your existing business?
Have a story to share?
Do you have a manuscript sitting waiting to be edited, published and read?

No matter the reason, or what stage your book is at, book a free discovery call and we can create a plan of action to get your project finished!

Plan + Write Your Book

Struggling to get your book clarity? From purpose, readership, structure and overcoming writing fears, we work with you to create an outline. It doesn’t matter the style you like to write, a quick clarity review, will save you time and energy.  Whether you let the words flow, or your like a structured step-by-step process, we can help you set up a writing plan of action to reach your book goals. 


Editing Your Book

You have written your book and now your ready to get your manuscript read? We recommend a 2-step editing process, to get you the best quality product. Manuscript Evaluation and Copy Editing are both available. 


Interior Layout + Book Cover Design

Once you have your book edited, you are ready for an interior layout. Our team works with experienced layout and book cover designers. You can choose your designer. 


E-book + Print Distribution 

We can walk you through setting up your distribution platforms. From royalties and author profiles with descriptions and keywords, to uploading formats for print on demand and kindle versions, prelaunch schedules and best practises, our team can guide you through the technical online side of book publishing. 


Pre-Launch Marketing Packages

Including a pre-launch marketing strategy, will set your book launch up for success. From book landing pages, social media pre-launch and launch campaigns, with keywords, and suggested engagement, readerlist audience and ARC programs, and more. 

Marketing + Book Sales

Customized for your book goals, we can create a marketing plan to attract the readership and visibility for you book. Full Media Kits, podcast interviews, + more. 


Are You Ready?

Book Your Discovery Call

Get started today, with a conversation. Tell us your thoughts, where are you stuck? Even if its just an idea in your head, a desire deep in your heart, we would love to explore how you can take it to the next step.