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Industry magazines are a powerful marketing tool, growing your audience quickly and creating trusting relationships when you give great value and solve problems within the industry.

OTB Publishing’s passion for releasing industry publications that assist in growth and development is at the forefront of the business mission and vision. The owners both being marketing strategists in content marketing and creating annual marketing plans for their clients in their business ventures, they are committed to creating an affordable solution for businesses to reach their ideal clients, while growing a community voice within their industry.

Organizing a community voice takes a lot of work and resources. OTB Publishing has created an affordable solution, sharing team members and resources across the platform. Publishing your industry magazine with us will save you time and money. We have created a formula that works!

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Would you like to grow your network and be a voice for your industry? We can help you launch an industry magazine to foster growth and be a solution provider. We are taking applications for industry publications in 2022. It begins with exploring our formula and your industry goals.

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Turn-Key Program

Our formula begins with a 90-day onboarding process with coaching, setting up content production, layout design, advertising and media kits, subscription databases, marketing, and more.

Production + Marketing

Our production team will guide you step-by-step through each issue. Options include affiliate marketing, cross-promotion, and direct ad sales.


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