Surviving the Winds of Change

A Memoir and journey of self-discovery. 


About The Book

Spanning 42 years of the author’s life, starting as a coming-of-age adventure, taking you to beautiful locations like Australia, Fiji, Hawaii, Belize, and Jamacia.

Audrey will draw you into her world as she recalls some dramatic, amusing, and at times inspiring scenes of her life while traveling with the man of her dreams.


As years pass Audrey realizes she has forgotten who she really is and struggles to find herself. With her sense of identity and self-esteem shattered, the journey takes her into the dark world of emotional abuse. Her mental health suffers on this roller coaster of untrue accusations, lack of empathy, and feelings of what she needed didn’t matter. These wounds go deep and yet she justified his actions because she loved the man holding the “dagger”. He was so full of secrets, and still, she lived with those rose-colored glasses, until the day a call came from a woman in Michigan. “

An adventurous memoir that will inspire you to challenge yourself, and your beliefs, and start making powerful life choices for yourself.


About the author.

A true gypsy who left the comfort of home as soon as high school was over. Born in the Rocky Mountains and brought up in Ontario, Audrey doesn’t let any roots grow under her feet. At 64 she is starting over, working on all the dreams she once had long ago. Audrey believes you only have one life to live, so do it right, before it’s too late.