Surviving the Winds of Change

A Memoir and journey of self-discovery. 


About The Book

Spanning 42 years of the author’s life, starting as a coming-of-age adventure, taking you to beautiful locations like Australia, Fiji, Hawaii, Belize, and Jamaica.

Audrey will draw you into her world as she recalls some dramatic, amusing, and at times inspiring scenes of her life while traveling with the man of her dreams.


As years pass Audrey realizes she has forgotten who she really is and struggles to find herself. With her sense of identity and self-esteem shattered, the journey takes her into the dark world of emotional abuse. Her mental health suffers on this roller coaster of untrue accusations, lack of empathy, and feelings of what she needed didn’t matter. These wounds go deep and yet she justified his actions because she loved the man holding the “dagger”. He was so full of secrets, and still, she lived with those rose-colored glasses, until the day a call came from a woman in Michigan. “

An adventurous memoir that will inspire you to challenge yourself, and your beliefs, and start making powerful life choices for yourself.


What’s inside


Born to Run

Adventures in Life


The Universe's Plan

 How we met



Life on his terms



To early to say goodbye


A Fateful Meeting

How the book came to be


My Bucket List

Checked off

Sneak Peek…

As the sun began to set, light fading from the sky, our exhaustion and hunger was catching up to us. It was precisely at this moment that we stumbled across the entrance to a campground. With a late November chill in the air, it was obvious the place was closed for the season. Nonetheless there was nothing blocking us from getting in. Everything was eerily quiet and still, as we searched for the perfect spot to set up our tent for the night.

            We picked our location, a little off the beaten track, nestled back in the surrounding woods. It was then, out of nowhere, a very slow moving vehicle appeared. In a frenzy, we dropped the poles, laying the tent flat, then hid behind a massive fallen log. Our eyes remained glued to the menacing approach of the creeping truck.

            Questions started swirling through my mind. If the place is closed, why is anybody coming through here in the dead of night? My imagination, prone to the darker possibilities, had me thinking about a killer on the loose. A fugitive that had decided to move on from the mainland to this secluded island. There I go again, stop it!

            The old beat up truck that emerged from the shadows was obviously not an official’s vehicle. I lay frozen as it came to a near stop on the road directly in front of us. The piercing beam of a flashlight swept across the trees around us as he started moving forward in what seemed inches at a time. My heart was beating 90 miles an hour as the truck turned around, heading back our way. There was still not a peep, nor movement, from either of us. Seconds felt like an eternity when the truck finally turned out on the main road, disappearing into the night.

            Now I was questioning what the hell I was doing. We were isolated, far from any houses or civilization of any kind; no one knew where we were. There were no cell phones back in those days to call 911, or call anybody for that matter. My overthinking brain had visions of us being the headline of some Unsolved Mysteries broadcast. The bodies of a young couple were found……my stomach was in knots.

About the author.

A true gypsy who left the comfort of home as soon as high school was over. Born in the Rocky Mountains and brought up in Ontario, Audrey doesn’t let any roots grow under her feet. At 64 she is starting over, working on all the dreams she once had long ago. Audrey believes you only have one life to live, so do it right, before it’s too late.